About Us

This is the heart and soul of our operation:  two generations and over 50 years of combined experience studying clips and how they affect your business.

My dad realized in the 60’s and 70’s how much the automotive repair business was changing.  What started out as a few nuts and bolts was giving way to clips and fasteners specific to automotive make.  To address a body shop’s real business needs, he wanted to offer more than cheap clips.  He spent a lot of time organizing, knowing that the less time a tech spends searching for clips, the more touch time could be devoted to repair.  He didn’t overload his customers with useless product to pad his paycheck.  He knew that those clips meant money and that the single right clip was worth more than a hundred clips that would “make do”.


I built on what I learned from my dad and my experience in the shops.  I developed the industry’s first materials supplemental invoice system, allowing shops to get paid for clips and increase profitability.  I created a hyper-organized bin locating part system to increase efficiency.  Most importantly, I realized the value of the partnership between the paint distributor and the body shop.  We strive to strengthen that bond by teaching your Paint/Parts Distributor how to supply all of your associated material needs, eliminating excess vendors and invoices without the delay of a typical “clip guy”.

Now, all those clips that hold cars together have become even more complicated.  They are specific to make and model.  The sheer volume of clips is enormous. As different as this repair industry has become, some things are the same.  I work with my wife, just like my dad worked with my mom.  My brother, Curt, is by my side, adding his tremendous clip knowledge to our business.  At ClipLizard, our goal has always been to enable the body shop to be as efficient, organized and profitable as possible.

We are not out to just change how you buy clips by offering you a few cents off.  We want to help you to address real business goals by working with someone that you see almost every day:  your Paint/Parts Distributor.