ClipLizard Systems®
Designed to keep you lean

Purchasing clips through your paint distributor is a great business decision

  • Use ClipLizard Systems® to address your real business goals:  increasing touch time, quality of repair, efficiency and profitability while reducing cycle time, vendor interruptions and invoices.

  • Find what you want
    The hardware:  An intelligently organized bin part locating system.  We were the first to introduce larger, powder-coated, tool-box quality cabinets.  The graphically labeled drawers are separated by specific clip groups to keep you organized.  Your tech quickly, easily locates the clip he needs to increase touch time.

  • Get it when you need it
    The delivery: Your clips can be delivered same day.  Your Paint/Parts Distributor is already in your shop several times a week.  No more delaying a repair waiting for the clip guy. No more overstocking clips. Getting clips through your Paint/Parts Distributor also means one vendor, one invoice.  And one less interruption that destroys your work flow.

  • Get paid

    The software:  3 clicks and you’re done.  We had to make it simple or techs wouldn’t use it.  No other software completes the invoicing process in fewer steps to achieve the same goal—producing an invoice from your Paint/Parts Distributor so you get paid for clips.  Increase your profitability even more by adding all of your Paint/Parts Distributor’s billable materials to Materials Manager™.