Materials Manager™ Pro

Materials Manager™ is the cutting edge innovation for shop profitability.  It's simple yet effective interface is designed to keep your tech busy fixing vehicles, not wasting time on a computer clicking and typing.  Our system is barcode driven to minimize the need to use a keyboard or mouse for any operation.

Materials Manager™ Pro expands its focus to managing the inventory aspect of your business. The best way to ensure effective and efficient use of your money is to know what you have on your shelves and cabinets. The ability to set minimum quantities for your inventory helps ensure that you're never out of stock on the parts you need keeping your turn around times quick. Using these minimum quantities, Materials Manager™ Pro offers an Auto Order button that will quickly analyze your inventory and quickly populate the items that need restocking. Your time is too valuable to be wasted manually checking your shelves before each order, so let Materials Manager™ Pro take care of this for you. Materials Manager™ Pro also has extensive reporting to help you get a feel for your profitability and waste while keeping your tech busy.

Use Materials Manager™ Pro to bill out your fasteners and supplies and turn that expense into a profit today!

Current Version 5.19.0129

Materials Manager™ supports Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Recommeneded Specs: Dual Core CPU, 1GB RAM, 100MB Free Disk Space.